Énergie Fruit -literally- a dream came true!

Long story short, this crazy adventure started with us two, Sophie & Carol-Ann, best friends since we met back in school, 20 years ago.

Same tastes, same desires, same vision of life but especially same vision of the future. Without even being aware of it, the Énergie Fruit project had already started.

After 10 years in Paris, living a fast-pace life, balancing work and family, we realized time really did fly. We made the choice to leave it all… Well not exactly “all”, kids and husbands under our arms, we followed the sun and ended up in the south of France.

Here we are now, right in the heart of Cassis, the famous cicadas are singing in the distance. Énergie Fruit was born:

  • Products that will take care of your skin and hair, and offer your senses a little vacation. Wether it is early in the morning or at night, under the shower or in the bath, you will always find a product making this moment a perfect experience.
  • Happiness-booster products made in Provence.
  • Formulas packed with ingredients of natural origin and enchanting fragrances.

In a word… some beauty miracles brought to you by a passionate team willing to shake your senses, make you smile and boost your happiness.

Sophie & Carol-Ann

Our mission (if you accept it): Reinvent a new way of living the beauty moment!

What is the point of making our products in France, more precisely in Provence?

What is the point of making our products in France,
more precisely in Provence?

To support the local economic fabric growth of course!
And also because south of France has an undeniable cosmetic savoir-faire we are so proud of. We want to show it to the world, beginning with you.
We worked hand in hand with perfumer from Grasse (basically the best when it comes to olfactive creations) to develop those amazing fragrances that make your senses travel, no jet-lag included.

But what exactly is inside Énergie Fruit products?

Well… I mean … In fact let focus on what’s NOT in them. It’s gonna be much quicker this way.
At Énergie Fruit, we are always putting skin-beauty first. We worked in Aix-en-Provence with Julie our formula-queen, to develop MINI-MALIST formulas. (We took the liberty to cut the world in half, it’s much cuter with MINI, don’t you think?).
Anyway, back to business, here what’s NOT inside our beauty-full products;

— No paraben
– No soap
– No MIT
– No silicon

(not in a single hair product!)

For curious people over here, wanting to discover (even) more about us, our incredible team will be delighted to answer any questions that may pop through your mind. Feel free to write at contact@energie-fruit.com or even chat with us by calling +33 1 41 10 22 44 everyday between 9:30 AM and 6:00 PM.