Made in France ! Cocorico • Je veux tout savoir


• Loves shower gel and shampoo (even though he’s losing his hair)

• Has two sausage dogs and a rabbit (and three kids)

• Spends his time wondering what to drink and who wants to join him

• Drummer and heavy metal fan
My Job : I lead this crazy Bloomup company and channel my team’s energy !
• Dared to leave Paris on a whim in 2010, move to Cassis and create Bloomup

• Dislikes cooking, but happily savours her sweetheart’s tasty dishes

• Loves travelling (tucking into a sleeping bag at the base of Ayers Rock) and dance floors

• In a good mood 24/7
My job: I’ve been pampering our beloved clients for 11 years and counting.
Sales Director
• Always game for a glass of wine and a bit of cheese

• Loves the Dunkirk Carnival

• Fan of ice hockey and Olympique Lyonnais

My Job : I love Excel unconditionally. I keep a close eye on the cash as it comes in and an even closer eye as it goes out.
Administration and Finance Manager
• Haute Loire judo champion in the -26 kg category

• Happy father of twins: a boy and a girl (the best of both worlds)

• Dreams of one day becoming an Australian surfer
My Job : I sell our amazing Energie Fruit products everywhere around the world.
Export Manager
• Trained pastry chef

• Has a sausage dog that responds to the sweet name of Rillette

• Unconditional fan of goulash and Wienerschnitzel

• Maine-et-Loire table tennis champion in year 7 (this is a high level!)
My Job : I manage manufacturing of our products and make sure they arrive on time to your shop.
Operations Manager
• Loves hoppy beers

• Secretly addicted to baby animal videos (who isn’t?)

• Owns a little cat that wants to participate in all video meetings
My Job : When products are delivered to clients, I kindly ask them to pay. I also make sure that my colleagues spend their yearly pocket money in the best way possible.
Sales Administration Manager
• Self-proclaimed Drama Queen (the office would be boring without her)

• Spends her time eating or thinking about what she’s going to eat

• Originally from the south of France, she’s made the aperitif her favourite ritual

• Unconditional fan of wild Latin music
My Job : I dream up your future bathroom favourites, the ones that will add some sparkle to your day and make your girlfriends super jealous.
Product Marketing Boss
• Can’t get enough of Top Chef, Meilleur Pâtissier, Tous en Cuisine, Chef’s Table, etc.

• Repressed reality TV lover

• Expert online window shopper who fills up baskets but never buys anything
My Job : I work as a key account manager for Energie Fruit. In other words, I kindly ask shops to buy our products and I do tons of calculations to figure out if people are buying lots of them.
Key Account Manager
• Enough with pains au chocolat, cheers to chocolatines (a must for a Bordeaux native)

• Quite clumsy and has countless scars

• Yoga instructor in the evenings and on weekends
My Job : I work with an amazing team to create products that are 100% bliss with 0 extras, plus feel-good communications, to bring happiness into your bathroom.
Marketing & Communication Director
• Is afraid of the ocean, despite eight years of high-level swimming

• Crossed the Sahara on foot, a true adventurer at heart

• Got attacked by a frog in the middle of the Amazon (still hasn’t recovered)
My Job : I make sure that the brilliant products shops order arrive at the right place at the right time.
Logistics Coordinator
• Loves running and hopes to do a marathon someday

• Likes beer (blond, brown, white, amber… pretty much anything that’s drinkable)

• Loves Spain and Latin America and swears by empanadas and reggaeton

• Really loves her cat and can never say no to him (it’s obvious since he weighs 15 kg). His name is Booba (she may have been a rap fan for a minute)
My Job : I try to sell all our super products to supermarkets and department stores so that customers can find us anywhere and get the best products for their bathrooms!
Key Account Manager
• Does the best Céline Dion lip-syncing sessions in her shower • Has an Instagram feed that’s 95% cats

• Spends her time on terraces drinking Cosmos and eating plates of chips with her friends

• Drives super well and got 31/31 on her driving test
My Job : I’m the one posting photos of our amazing products and answering your private messages on social media. I’m your super phone friend.
Community Manager
• Loves books and comics, has more than 293 at home

• Is a geek at heart who loves to kill zombies (it’s relaxing) and build houses in Sims after a day at work

• Talks lovingly to her plants (it helps them grow)

• Has a grasshopper phobia
My Job : I manage everything related to the internet, from social media to our official website, so our brand shines online.
Digital Manager

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